AECB Silver Standard

The AECB Silver Standard has been developed to provide high quality low energy homes using PassivHaus calculation methods whilst reducing the certification cost of full PassivHaus compliance.

As AECB members and Certified PassivHaus designers gcp Consulting can provide calculations, technical
design support and self-certification service to deliver AECB Silver certification.


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Developed in Europe in 1990 this design standard is now used around the world.

Increasingly recognised as an international benchmark for low energy buildings, over 250 PassivHaus projects have been certified in the UK with hundreds more in development.

gcp Chartered Architects were one of the first certified PassivHaus Designers in the region and are actively working with private and public clients to design and calculate the performance of PassivHaus projects.

Through our close involvement with constructors we understand the design and construction challenges of PassivHaus and can help our clients achieve pragmatic and buildable solutions.

Goose Chase in Oxfordshire: our first project to PassivHaus standard, completed in 2015

SAP / SBEM Calculations

For Building regulations Part L, early understanding of SAP (domestic projects) and SBEM (non-domestic) is important in ensuring designs are optimised at the earliest stage.

gcp Consulting provide SAP & SBEM calculations for early design analysis and compliance. We are qualified to provide Energy Performance Certificates for domestic properties and ensure that final certification is provided smoothly without delay at project completion.


Home Quality Mark

The BRE replacement for Code for Sustainable Homes, this new quality standard for housing is intended to provide a statement of quality for new homes.

gcp Consulting are accredited to assess developments under this new standard and can advise clients on strategies to optimise scoring and returns on investment.

HQI Assessments

HQI was an assessment method used by the HCA to evaluate the quality of a residential development in terms of location, site layout, dwelling layout and size, accessibility and sustainability.

These are required by Housing Associations for their funding applications and are carried out on schemes where gcp are the architects and as a standalone service. As with CSH the government has now dropped HQI as an assessment methodology, but it is still required for legacy schemes where certification is a funding or client requirement.

CDM 2015 Principal Designer

Introduced by the HSE in 2015, clients have a statutory duty to appoint a Principal Designer to coordinate Health and Safety during the design of buildings.

gcp have training and accreditation to ensure we have the necessary skills and experience to support the client and construction team at all stages of the project, with practical and timely advice focused on improving the safety of buildings during construction and in use.

Energy and Sustainability Strategies

Local Planning Authorities often have policies that require energy efficiency, reduction in carbon emissions through use of low-carbon and renewable technologies or sustainable construction policies.

gcp Consulting are experienced in advising clients on the requirements of policies and negotiating compliance with LPA’s. We can provide the calculations to demonstrate required performance. Our approach provides optimised design, reducing reliance on complex technologies where possible. Our understanding of energy strategy, policy and the challenges for delivery of affordable sustainable buildings enables us to deliver practical solutions.

Where clients want to go beyond basic compliance and achieve more efficient or better quality buildings gcp Consulting have the skills to support and guide you to the best results.

Thermal Bridging Calculations

Thermal bridging is a key part of energy efficiency and plays a significant role in reducing energy losses from buildings.

A requirement for both PassivHaus and SAP calculations, thermal bridge calculations have implications for construction detailing and sequence of work.

gcp Consulting are accredited to provide thermal bridging calculations. Combined with our understanding of buildings we can optimise detailing for efficiency and buildability.

Building for Life Assessments

Building for Life is an industry standard for evaluating new residential developments in terms of layout, character and facilities.