Building on Quality

You'll know from previous blog posts and correspondence that gcp are really proud of our Quality and Environmental Management System. We are committed to continually improving our systems and procedures. At the core of this is a drive to be innovative, efficient and forward-facing - we are dedicated to a high standard of customer service.

Following on from the integration of ISO14001 to our system in 2016, we have just completed a successful transition audit for ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 in line with the new Annexe SL format.

This continues a long-running history of successful compliance audits and builds on a continued desire for this system to be a robust management tool.

We would like to thank all members of staff, who always approach audits with diligence and good humour; continuing to be at the heart of the extended success of our system.

BMT System Certification-01 mono 260418.png

More success in Quality Assurance


gcp are really proud of our ongoing commitments to Quality Assurance and Environmental Management.

Following on from our successful integration of ISO14001 to our system, we have now completed transition training to ISO9001:2015.

We are looking forward to the new challenges and the opportunities for change and improvement this new standard will bring.

We will be undertaking a Customer Satisfaction Survey over the next few months to infrom this process and shall report back on the findings.