J3 gets the thumbs up from Place Making Resource, sister publication of Planning Resource!

John Baker, partner at PBA Associates provides a rounded review of the scheme three years on since completion and finds it a worthy winner South West RTPI 2015 Planning Excellence Best Scheme on the Ground.

The mixed use scheme next to the M32 motorway now has all ground floor commercial work space units fully let that further contribute to the vibrancy of this urban meeting place.

The J3 scheme has transformed an unloved and unsafe corner of Bristol in to an active and accessible crossing point for the M32. J3 has become a catalyst for further development work in the area and bring forward ideas about regeneration in the vicinity of the motorway.

The J3 scheme builds on an earlier Master Planning study gcp undertook to bring forward development opportunities along Stapleton Road in Easton which runs parallel to the M32.

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