Meet the Team: Matt Bonney

matt bonney

Architect Matt Bonney is celebrating his first-year anniversary with gcp. He joined us last year from 360 Architecture in Glasgow. Matt graduated Strathclyde University in 2016, where his studies focused on developing sustainable buildings with inter-seasonal energy storage.

We wanted to get to know Matt a little better, so asked him a few questions!


So Matt, what inspired you to pursue architecture?

Meccano, K-nex and Lego along with a desire to create and an infinite imagination.

and if you weren’t an architect, what would you be?

Set designer or carpenter.

Can you tell us what’s your best moment at gcp in the last year?

The build up to Christmas!

Matt joins a long list of gcp employees who have a competitive streak - in the run up to Christmas last year we ran several games and challenges amongst the team to win chocolate, wine and - more importantly - glory!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Cycling or anything sporty really (not sure if appropriate but I also create beer pong tables as a side project).

Certainly interesting though! So, what’s your proudest personal achievement?

A-level art – creating a full-sized grand piano out of match sticks and coloured PVA (photos available)

And attached to this blog! Thanks for your time Matt, just to wrap up could you tell us your favourite project that you’ve worked on to date.

Leyton Urban Cricket Hub.


Matt has worked on some interesting projects since starting with gcp, including Bristol County Ground, Bristol Tower blocks and the Urban Cricket Hub in Leyton. Outside of his architectural work in the office, he is on both our media and events groups; personally, he has just returned from a cycling expedition through the Alps.


Keep an eye on our blog for more staff interviews over the coming weeks.


Next stage for Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park funding application!

Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park has been invited by the Rural Development Programme to the next stage of grant funding application, which will help to provide new and improved facilities at the park. We’re excited to continue supporting Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park in this, with the detailed application due in late September.

gcp working with the ECB

gcp are working with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), to support the delivery of their recently launched 11-point action plan to better engage with South Asian communities, which aims to diversify the game, remove barriers to participation and use cricket to make a positive difference to society.

Through the creation of the action plan, ECB identified that the most significant barrier to South Asian participation is limited access to cricket facilities in urban areas – where the vast majority of these communities live.  To address this, ECB plans to provide year-round access to facilities, tackling the challenges of availability, quality and cost, by installing affordable community cricket facilities in urban locations where demand is highest.  A key component of this action, is the piloting of three indoor Urban Cricket Centres during the next two years, with the ambition of creating more than 20 Centres over the next five years.

gcp have worked alongside ECB to develop the Urban Cricket Centre delivery model, and Ridge and Partners have worked with gcp and ECB to advise on costs.

This exciting opportunity follows up on gcp’s previous work with the ECB to develop the technical guidance note for indoor cricket facilities.

20+ new Urban Cricket Centres to be developed by 2024