Aspirations of an Anaerobic-Digester

Already working the Dorset area, curiosity was raised when gcp Chartered Architects heard about the impressive anaerobic-digestion AD plant at the family run BV Dairy on the outskirts of Shaftesbury. gcp are interested in all things environmental and in particular, renewable technologies and reducing environmental impact through design and this AD installation is at the forefront of current innovation.

The dairy utilises waste streams from its soft cheese production to 'feed' the anaerobic-digestion-plant to turn waste into energy. This has greatly reduced their mains electric consumption not only achieving the objective of a reduced carbon footprint, but of saving the dairy considerable sums of money.

The AD plant, built by Clearfleau Ltd with funding through the government's WRAP programme, was intentionally built oversized so that the BV Dairy could fulfil their long-term expansion plans, whilst reducing their overall energy consumption. It was gcp's initial curiosity that led to an appointment, together with industry leading consultants Hoare Lea and Davis Langdon, to produce a detailed feasibility study coordinated by gcp director Jonathan Platt for the development of the site in line with BV's long-term plans.

For more information on the benefits of anaerobic digestion for food producers or for a chat about how we can integrate renewable energy in to your development plans, contact Jonathan Platt at gcp on 01179 328 888.