Facility expansion at Avon Valley country park

Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife park are celebrating 30 years of successful business with a substantial new catering offer. Their desire to achieve excellence in all the park's facilities is the key reason gcp are excited to be appointed as architects on this scheme.

The popularity of the family friendly wildlife park has grown dramatically in recent years and to ensure the visitors experience continues to be great, AVA&WP are rethinking and expanding their catering facilities. The catering overhaul includes their first al fresco cafe experience, a grab & go cafe and a seated restaurant. It will substantially improve customer experience and responds to a dramatic rise in customer numbers over recent years.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the park to further develop their facilities in line with their new brand image. Avon Valley has grown to be the 4th most popular tourist attraction in B&NEs and the 10th most popular in the West of England region; not only does it have a strong brand identity for visitors to the region, it is well-loved and cherished in the local area too.

For gcp, this project builds on the success of the B Block bistro at the Chocolate Quarter in Keynsham for St Monica Trust completed in May 2018.

We are pleased to be working with Emily Pearman of Studio EP again, the concept sketches below are hers.