gcp team selected for redevelopment of iconic Carriageworks

Following on from the success of the J3 development, Knightstone Housing is selected as the preferred bidder for the compulsory purchase of this iconic site.

The Carriageworks and Westmoreland House have long been a blot on the Bristol skyline. The site, owned by a London based developer has been subject to several ambitious but ultimately unsuccessful planning applications. Bristol City Council, with the active support of the local community through the Carriageworks Action Group selected Knightstone through a formal tender process which will see final proposals submitted this August.  gcp Chartered Architects are delighted to be part of the Knightstone team charged with developing a viable solution for this site.

The next stage of work will include consultation with stakeholders to help define the parameters of the scheme. The consultation process needs to support the final stage of the tender process but also feed into any subsequent planning application. gcp identified the opportunity of working as part of a CABE Design Council pilot for a Consultation Toolkit being developed alongside the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and The Good Homes Alliance.