Postcards from Hong Kong and New Zealand

One of the directors of gcp Chartered Architects, Jonathan Platt, took a period of sabbatical leave in early 2011 to travel to Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. He promised some postcards, and here are some that he sent, with the last one being from New Zealand. Jonathan is now back in the office - with many memories!

"Hi there, Still moving south, travelling through Fiordland and yes at every bend in the road there are dramatic vistas like this. Currently staying in Te Anau, 4hr south of Wanaha, preparing for a long 3/4 day walk staying in basic campsites / simple sleeping shelters. Should be spectacular if the weather holds, the track gets in excess of 8000mm of rain pa. After that heading further south to Bluff before making way up to Christchurch. Countryside amazing, distances huge, people really friendly, nothing rushed, but many things 10-20 years behind UK - just an observation, not criticism. All the best and see you in March. Jono & Terri."

Previous to that, we had this update: :

"Hi. Have made it to the bottom of North Island NZ, having walked through volcanic landscape and experienced earth quake tremors in Napier, to be followed by tour of Hawkes Bay vine yards. Off to South Island next after 3 days in Wellington. All the best & see you in March."

And earlier in January, we received this card from Hong Kong:

Made it.
Well HK is a mad & fantastic place. It's frenetic with vast contrasts between cultures. China is now very dominant with only [sic] few remmants of British Empire - all very strange that empire thing! See you soon. Jono."