Goose Chase PassivHaus one year on

An interesting day returning to our Oxfordshire PassivHaus project with Tim Bartlett from CVC ( ) to check the calibration of the ventilation system and confirm that the MVHR is working as designed. CVC have been really helpful in the design and installation of the Brink Renovent system and measuring air flows shows that all rooms are receiving the correct amount of fresh air and the almost silent MVHR is working as designed. After a year of living in their new home the client says they wouldn’t want to live in anything else!

Goose Chase Passivhaus

Get a £50k grant towards building your Grand Design

Material supplier Saint-Gobain and creator of the Multi Comfort concept have teamed up with Grand Designs to host a competition for aspiring self-builders by offering a £50k grant to the winner of a competition to design the ideal Multi Comfort home.

A prerequisite of the competition is all entrants must appoint a PassivHaus-competent architect to design the dwelling. Colin Powell, architect and director at gcp Chartered Architects is a certified PassivHaus designer and is keen to take support your Grand Design aspiration.

The competition is open for entries from 15th August 2016 to 15th October 2016.